Whether you want to tell a detailed story or communicate useful information, a documentary film is an ideal means of doing so. At iTAP Media we are experts in live event and documentary filming, so we understand the unique requirements of this type of project.

Essentially, we know how to help you say what you want to say in a succinct and enjoyable way. Using a mixture of interviews, locations, artefacts, photographs and narration, we can get to the heart of the story you want to tell.

Whether seeking a corporate documentary, educational film or a biography, please contact us for help and advice

We have done several documentaries for churches, schools, companies and other organisations.

You can view a school documentary on our home page.

School documentaries replace the old-fashioned school magazines. With the fast changing technology and everybody owns either a computer or DVD player or sometimes both, iTAP Media has introduced school DVDs ( Documentaries). Where you would read a whole paragraph of a poem, in a school DVD it will appear in audio-visual form and this even will be more interesting than in magazines, as you will have the privilege of seeing the actual poet in action spicing up his/her poem with gestures..

Also included on the DVD will be speeches by the school Administration team, a number of class lessons, sports , etc


The projects benefits the school greatly in that the school dosen't pay anything (iTAP Media will pay for all the expenses, transport, food, etc in carrying out the shooting & post production) but instead get an agreed percentage after the DVDs are sold to students

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